Paradise Lost

Obedience renders every task spiritually fruitful, since any task done for the love of God, and in humility, brings about good fruits for us and others as the hidden life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph at Nazareth attests.

To reward or not to reward?

Rewarding is not a system of punishment or a replacement for disciplining a child.   It is not a game of good versus bad, something versus nothing. It is all about acknowledgement and encouragement and once we as parents grasp this, we would have found a key that unlocks a thousand doors. H Burnard

The Mobile Phone Dilemma

The choice whether or not to give a child a mobile can only be made by the responsible parent. Many parents are of the opinion that if they give their child a mobile phone, they are not only exposing their child to the “bad” in the world but also responsible for introducing their child to the dark side of life.