To reward or not to reward?

Rewarding is not a system of punishment or a replacement for disciplining a child.   It is not a game of good versus bad, something versus nothing. It is all about acknowledgement and encouragement and once we as parents grasp this, we would have found a key that unlocks a thousand doors. H Burnard

The Mobile Phone Dilemma

The choice whether or not to give a child a mobile can only be made by the responsible parent. Many parents are of the opinion that if they give their child a mobile phone, they are not only exposing their child to the “bad” in the world but also responsible for introducing their child to the dark side of life.

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Waters of Life is our division focusing specifically on Corporate Coaching for the Hospitality Industry. Helen Burnard, Life Coach & Counselor ~ BA (MW.hon), has many years experience in the hospitality industry, running her own B&B, lecturing and traveling world-wide to various establishments & different cultures.

Hospitality coaching focuses on creating a staff culture with a difference and a corporate attitude within your establishment to provide an extraordinary service, thereby drawing new clients but most of all maximizing client loyalty.